TechCrunch has exclusively obtained a document detailing the latest revelations in the “Internet of Shit” saga.

    As of January, it is estimated that a staggering 40 million users were affected by the “fixed wireless” service outage on January 18, 2017.

    These users were left stranded in their homes, unable to connect to any of the networks that would normally be providing internet access.

    In the days and weeks following the outage, users were forced to download and install apps from the App Store, Google Play, and the iTunes App Store.

    They were also unable to use the websites they had paid for to access the internet.

    On January 31, the FCC filed a proposed rule change to the Communications Act of 1934 (CSA) that would allow internet service providers (ISPs) to collect user data and use that data for marketing purposes.

    According to the FCC, these ISPs would be allowed to collect, use, and sell user data without a user’s consent or that of the user’s device.

    The rule change would also allow ISPs to collect and sell customer information without a court order or court authorization.

    The FCC’s proposed rule was met with opposition from broadband providers, internet service firms, and mobile carriers.

    Some ISPs claimed that it was too broad and would lead to “unlimited data collection.”

    Others argued that the rule would make it easier for them to sell more data and services to their customers.

    Ultimately, the proposal failed to pass in the face of overwhelming opposition from ISPs and internet service companies.

    While the proposed rule may have been controversial, it was supported by the public and the majority of Americans.

    However, the media, internet companies, and their allies in Congress took a much more negative view of the rule.

    The internet companies and their backers have consistently portrayed the FCC’s proposal as a “consumer privacy” proposal that would give ISPs “the power to turn a blind eye to your personal information.”

    In reality, the proposed privacy rule was the result of a failed campaign by the internet giants, which were trying to win support for a proposal that they knew would only benefit their own financial interests.

    The public outcry over the proposed data-collecting rule has led to a series of court challenges, many of which have failed.

    The latest legal setback is a case brought by former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

    The current FCC is expected to vote on the proposed Privacy Rule on January 16.

    The final decision will likely be in favor of the internet companies.

    However the outcome of the FCC proceeding may have a significant impact on the future of internet access, and this story is the first in a series that examines the challenges to the proposed internet privacy rule.

    We will continue to update this story as we learn more about the upcoming case and its potential impact on internet access in the US.

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    TechCrunch has exclusively obtained a document detailing the latest revelations in the “Internet of Shit” saga.As of January, it is estimated that a staggering 40 million users were affected by the “fixed wireless” service outage on January 18, 2017.These users were left stranded in their…