iOS users will be getting their hands on a few new features when the OS is released in September.

    The most notable change in the iOS 11 release is the ability to block all apps that contain ads.

    The feature is also enabled by default for iOS 11 on Mac and PC, and it will be available in all versions of the OS.

    The iOS 11 developer preview includes a list of apps that will automatically be blocked, but the list will expand to other categories as the OS launches in September and iOS 11 users will have to manually activate the feature.

    This is because, as the new Apple logo puts it, “We’ve blocked out the bad guys.”

    Apple has not yet specified what specific apps will be blocked for the purpose of the feature, but it will include ads for products and services like Facebook and Twitter.

    There are also plans to include additional content blocking for “trolls, scammers, and other nefarious actors” and it is possible that other features will be added in the future.

    A “black list” of app names and URLs that Apple has blocked will also appear in the Settings app, and users will also be able to see a list in the Notification Center of apps with a high number of negative reviews.

    A few apps, like Facebook Messenger and Instagram, are already blocked in the beta.

    Other apps and services are currently blocked by default.

    In addition, Apple has made some other changes to the iOS interface.

    For example, the default Apple Watch app is no longer called Apple Watch.

    Instead, it is now called Apple Health.

    Users can still change the name of the app, but Apple says it will not change the interface.

    The new app design is a departure from the iOS 8 and 9 apps that have been around since 2009.

    Apple says the redesigned interface will “improve the user experience and make it easier for you to get things done in the most efficient and efficient way possible.”

    The new interface will be “much easier to access and use,” and it also makes the app feel more streamlined.

    The interface has been designed with “less distraction and more organization.”

    The “fewest taps” will be a feature of the new design, which means it will take less time to use and that it will allow apps to work in a more fluid fashion.

    Apple has also changed the app icon for the Apple Watch from a red circular icon to a blue arrow with a line through it.

    This will make it more visible on the Watch, and will also allow the Watch to be more easily distinguished from other Apple devices.

    The redesign has been accompanied by a few changes to other apps.

    The App Store is no more, and Apple has added new categories for some third-party apps, including ones that have had a long history of making money for Apple.

    The app category for Instagram will now be called “Instagram Stories,” as will the app category “Instagroup,” which is now available in the Music section.

    The category for Apple Music will now become the “Music App” and the category for iHeartRadio will become “Radio App.”

    The Music app category will now include the category “Music Albums” and will include a link to the iTunes Store.

    The “Radio app” category will be renamed to “Radio Station” and “Radio Apps” will become the new category “Radio Service” and, finally, the new “Radio Podcasts” category.

    A new “About” section in the “About Apple” section of the Settings screen allows users to see more information about the app and to opt out of certain features.

    Apple’s design team has been working on the new interface since 2012.

    “We’re not going to do anything drastic, but we want the user interface to feel more unified, more intuitive, and easier to use,” says Steve Biederman, Apple’s chief design officer.

    “And that means having fewer taps, so you can tap and drag and drop to navigate around the interface, so that you can get things as quickly as possible.”

    Apple is also making changes to some of the other app categories in the app store.

    For instance, the app “Favorites” is no, and “Home” will no longer be a search term.

    The search bar for the new app category, “Music and Podcasts,” has been removed and replaced with a single icon that shows up on the screen for the first time.

    In the “Settings” section, the “Show app icons” option is now enabled for the “App Store,” “Music,” and “Favs” apps.

    This lets users know that the app icons will be displayed when an app is listed as available for download.

    Apple also added a new category called “Playlists” that includes a playlists list that lets users quickly access and search through the list of playlists.

    Users will also have the option to turn off the app notifications for specific playlists, which will not be available when the app is in the background.

    Apple is not removing the ability for users to “unblock” apps in


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