The internet banking giant has announced it has reached a deal to merge with the Sprint network.

    Sprint has been looking to consolidate its network with a more cost-efficient and competitive offer from Blue Ridge Internet, but it has yet to make a decision.

    The deal, which is subject to regulatory approval, would allow Sprint to offer internet banking services in multiple locations across the country at lower prices than its current offerings.

    In a statement, Sprint said the deal would “create a truly innovative internet banking service with a global reach, which will allow consumers to access a range of services, including credit cards, and online payments, as well as access banking through a single website, including a single account, with no need for a separate account number.”

    Sprint said it would begin offering internet banking for the first time at stores in June and would expand the service to other stores in the coming months.

    Blue Ridge is currently offering a free mobile banking service in the United States.

    Stingrays internet banking featuresA number of major financial services, such as bank accounts, checking accounts, and credit cards have also been added to the service.

    In addition, the company has added a suite of services that can be accessed on phones, tablets, and laptops, including the ability to send and receive money wirelessly, manage accounts online, and track your transactions.

    The service offers access to credit cards and debit cards, which have traditionally been restricted to businesses and consumers.

    The new Blue Ridge offering will be available in more locations than its existing offerings.


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