The latest edition of The Huffington Report’s Top 10 Worst Internet Cafes in America, released today, has been released.

    The report comes just days after a video emerged of a woman in a New York City Internet cafe allegedly being sexually assaulted by a man who later fled the scene.

    The video was filmed by a woman who was at the cafe in the Bronx on Dec. 10.

    In it, she can be heard speaking in a tone of anger and frustration as she can seen standing near the counter of the Internet cafe, and a man sitting nearby, apparently filming the incident.

    She says, “Oh my God, there’s a guy behind me!

    That’s why I’m walking around like a bitch!”

    The man, who is seen speaking with her, then approaches her, and asks her if she is the victim of a crime.

    She responds, “No, but I’m going to tell the cops.”

    He then proceeds to take a picture of her.

    The next day, she told The New York Times that she has received death threats.

    “I’m not going to be scared to go to work,” she said.

    “The cops can’t stop me, and I can’t do anything about it.”

    Her complaint also cites other incidents that occurred in other New York Internet cafes.

    In a video posted to YouTube on Jan. 18, an unidentified woman in Manhattan was filmed attempting to enter a cafe with a man at the front of the line.

    He appears to grab her arm, but she says he didn’t touch her.

    In another video on Jan 27, a man in Brooklyn was seen at the same cafe allegedly taking photos of a female customer.

    She told police that the man then pushed her to the ground and sexually assaulted her.

    “He tried to grab me and push me against the wall,” she told police.

    “And then he pulled out a knife and stabbed me.

    And I tried to escape, but he came back again.”

    Police responded to the video on Feb. 7, but they did not find any crime.

    The Huffington report cites at least five instances of violence reported in New York, including a man allegedly stabbing a woman at a cafe in Brooklyn and a woman being assaulted at a bar in Queens.

    “A number of the incidents, particularly in Brooklyn, were reported to police after a woman said she was physically assaulted by an unknown man,” The Huffington post said.

    In response to the latest reports, a spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office said that the office is “investigating this matter.”

    “We will be issuing a press release when we have more information.””

    We will be issuing a press release when we have more information.”


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