Optus has confirmed it is looking at ways to reduce the price of its internet plans, with the company predicting a price hike to $50 for a basic plan and $50.

    This comes after Optus announced its next-generation broadband service would be available to consumers in October.

    The company said it will also introduce a $20 savings card.

    The changes, which will see the basic plan rise from $100 to $150, come on top of the $110 price hike announced earlier this month.

    The internet company said the average monthly cost for a monthly plan will also rise to $30, with customers paying $30 more for a $50 plan.

    Optus chief executive Paul O’Connell said the price increase was due to the company’s focus on reducing its “high costs”.

    “We’ve been working hard to reduce our high costs,” Mr O’Donnell said.

    “We have made significant investments in broadband infrastructure and in our network, and we’ve made some significant changes to our network in the past year.”

    The company will also be launching a new loyalty program in the coming months.

    The program will offer up to $100 per customer, with a discount of up to 50 per cent.

    “Our loyalty program will be based on the level of customer engagement, with our goal being to increase engagement to 100 per cent,” Mr Aloisi said.

    Optis plans to launch a new mobile phone service in October, as well as a new online service in the next year.

    Mr O`Connell said that while the company would be focused on the next-gen internet service, it would continue to invest in its fibre broadband network.

    He said that the company was still committed to delivering high quality broadband services to consumers, and that it was looking to deliver the services to all Australians.

    Optuss internet plans will be available in September and November.

    Optuses chief executive Andrew Aloiso said the company is “still committed to deliver high quality internet services to Australian households” and was continuing to invest to deliver it.

    Optinas internet plans have been around since 2009 and the company said customers would have a choice of “the most advanced internet plan for their home, work and school”.

    Optuses fibre broadband service will be offered in the same area as its fibre internet services.

    Mr Alaisi said the NBN would be delivered in two phases, with services expected to be available by the end of the year.

    “The fibre network will be rolled out in a phased manner over a five-year period,” he said.

    This phase will be completed by the middle of the decade.

    Opts fibre broadband is being delivered at a cost of $55 per month per customer.

    Optos fibre broadband services will be delivered at the same time as its NBN internet services, including its fibre optic network.

    Optns fibre broadband will be provided at a price of $50 per month for a single user.

    Optics fibre broadband was also rolled out last year, with internet services expected by the start of 2018.

    Optins fibre broadband rollout has been plagued by technical problems.

    The NBN Co said a third of customers were still being forced to use fibre broadband for several months before they were able to switch to fibre internet service.

    It said it was aware of a number of customers who had been waiting up to 18 months for internet service and was working to resolve the problem.

    Opta internet plans were also affected by a number the issues, and are expected to start arriving in November.


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