New “Internet of things” technologies are poised to allow consumers to “build the cloud” on their own.

    And it’s going to be a whole lot easier than we thought.

    AT&T and its partner companies will be the first to offer an internet of things solution in 2018.

    The service, which is set to roll out across the US later this year, will allow consumers in more than 30 cities to “connect” to a cloud-connected “internet of things hub” and “access cloud-based apps, content and services,” according to a statement from AT&t.

    “It’s a completely new concept, and one that’s going from being something that was only a few years ago in the tech industry to something that will be available to the average consumer in 2018,” said John Schulz, executive vice president of global communications at AT&ts Fiber.

    “The internet of Things is a rapidly growing technology that’s changing our way of doing business.

    This is the most advanced internet of devices and services that we have.”AT&ts is already offering cloud-computing solutions for the home and small businesses in select areas of the US.

    In addition to offering “cloud-based computing” as a service for home users, AT&ters Fiber offers “cloud gaming” and mobile gaming services, which allow users to connect their device to the internet.

    “We have a strong history of supporting and building out our network to meet the needs of our customers,” Schulz said.

    “With this new innovation, AT &ts Fiber will continue to expand our network with our network partners, and we look forward to working with them to provide our customers with the best internet possible.”AT &ts has previously worked with some of the most innovative and disruptive companies in the industry to help build the next wave of connected devices.

    It partnered with Microsoft in 2013 to offer cloud-enabled Xbox One gaming for Xbox One owners, and it partnered with Apple in 2014 to launch its Apple TV streaming device.

    AT&Ts fiber service will also offer “cloud computing,” meaning it will offer customers the ability to access and use their cloud-powered device, but the service will be delivered over AT&TS fiber networks.

    “It will be a full cloud experience,” Schul said.

    “With this technology, consumers will be able to access content and apps and services from across their home or business, even in places where AT&s customers are not physically present.

    That’s a lot more than what we were doing a decade ago, when our customers were in homes or offices,” he said.

    The company also said it would be launching “a cloud-native application for the Apple TV” in the near future.

    AT &t said it plans to partner with Microsoft and Apple to “provide cloud services” for this next wave.

    “We have always believed that the future of computing is a global community, and our commitment to making the most of this incredible opportunity is what makes AT&tt’s Fiber one of the world’s largest providers of internet-based connectivity,” said David Dolan, president and chief executive officer of AT&ct, in a statement.AT&Ts Fiber is not the first company to launch cloud-first services.

    Verizon Wireless, which operates in the US, and Microsoft have both previously worked to create cloud-only apps for the Xbox One.

    In October, Microsoft announced plans to add a cloud app to the Xbox app store that would let users “stream their content, apps, and photos across devices to the cloud,” though the company did not specify what devices would be able the ability.

    In the past, ATs fiber services have come at the expense of other services, such as the TV streaming service Netflix.

    ATs Fiber announced earlier this year that it would offer its services in a way that allowed customers to “stream a full Netflix package, including premium movies, original content, TV shows and more, to their smart TVs.”


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