Microsoft has announced a new update to its popular Internet Explorer browser for Windows PCs, which is part of an update to Microsoft’s popular Windows 10 operating system.

    The update will be available to all users of the browser, and it should be available as soon as Friday (local time), according to a Microsoft representative.

    This is the first update to IE6.0 since the company released IE6, the last update to the browser released in June 2018.

    The last major update to Internet Explorer came in September 2017.

    Microsoft has previously announced that the next major update will add support for a new feature in Internet Explorer.

    IE7, the latest version of the popular browser, introduced a new support for the Enhanced Content API (ECA), which is used to improve video quality and audio quality.

    This API is a powerful tool that enables developers to improve the performance of their Web sites and applications, and will be useful for websites that rely on JavaScript, Flash, and other HTML5 technologies.

    Microsoft also said it will be releasing a new IE7 preview build, but it is not clear if this update will have the ECA API support.

    In order to take advantage of ECA, IE7 introduced a feature called “Content Access Control.”

    Content Access Control is an API that allows content to be accessed using a specific URL (a regular expression), and the browser will try to block content by including a specific content block in the URL, like this:Here is an example of how to set up a Content Access Block:Here’s an example from the IE7 Preview Build of IE7:Here are the two URLs for the Content Access Blocks that Microsoft is releasing in the IE6 and IE7 builds of the IE8 and IE9 browsers.

    IE8 can be found here and IE10 can be seen here.

    Microsoft says the EAA API has been used in the development of its new Edge browser, but the company hasn’t released a preview build of Edge yet.

    Microsoft has also yet to make a final decision on whether it will support the Enhanced Web Content API for IE7 and IE8.

    If you’re interested in the new browser, Microsoft has posted a preview version of Edge on the Windows Store.

    The company says that the preview builds will be coming to Windows 10 PCs on Thursday (local date).


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