The first thing Verizon’s FiOS customers need to know about its latest offering is that it’s actually pretty bad.

    The company is trying to make it as good as it can, and with the rollout of its “unlimited” plan, Verizon Fios is doing just that.

    The plan will cost you $100 a month for an unlimited plan that includes 100 gigabytes of data and unlimited texts and calls.

    This is just over the cost of a monthly phone plan, so it’s a pretty substantial savings for Verizon customers, but the service is still nowhere near good enough.

    It’s also expensive for consumers who don’t have a smartphone and need a better option.

    The average monthly data usage for Verizon Fi, which includes unlimited text and calls, is just 1.7 megabytes per month.

    The cheapest plan with the same amount of data at $79.99 a month includes a data cap of 4.1 gigabytes per user.

    Verizon Fi will also be available to new customers, and the company says it will be available in every U.S. market in the fall.

    But it won’t be the only service with the new plan, and it will have to compete against Comcast, AT&T and Verizon Fi’s other competitors.

    Verizon has been trying to be as good at rolling out its FiOS as it possibly can.

    The FiOS rollout was initially supposed to be completed in late April.

    But by mid-August, the company said that some customers had been receiving the new service and that it was only ready to be deployed to select customers.

    By late August, Verizon said that the service was ready for rollouts to all existing customers, though it didn’t specify exactly which ones.

    Verizon is also working on adding more services to its FiS plans, including DirecTV Now, Dish’s Sling TV and Virgin Media’s new DVR.

    Those plans will also likely offer even more data, but at the moment, those services are still available to existing customers.

    The new FiOS is also getting a major boost in availability and price, with the company telling investors last week that it would roll out FiOS to its “most recent” customers by the end of the year.

    Verizon isn’t the only company making a bet on FiOS.

    Google has said it’s also rolling out Fi for Google Fiber customers, although it’s not clear whether this will include Verizon.

    AT&t has also said it will roll out the service, but AT&ts service is limited to residential customers and requires customers to sign a contract.

    Verizon says it’s going to be ready to roll out Verizon Fi by the middle of next year, and we’ll see if it’s as good of a deal as Google.


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