What if a new hack could disrupt the internet?

    The next big internet hack?

    That’s the idea being pushed by a group of hackers who are calling themselves the Anonymous Cyber Army, or ACAR, and they’re calling it The Next One.

    In their vision, the next hack is a “global cyber-attack,” as they put it.

    They are planning a major disruption of the internet by using malware that’s undetectable by traditional antivirus programs.

    If that sounds far-fetched, well, that’s because it is.

    And it’s not just that they have no clue how to do it.

    That’s because they’ve never done it before.

    For some reason, hackers have been able to successfully compromise internet systems, particularly when the attackers have the ability to access them via a compromised computer or network.

    In the case of this hack, however, it’s hard to imagine a hack that could be done with a virus or malware that hasn’t already been used by someone.

    So how did the hackers get their hands on a system?

    Well, the problem is that it’s extremely difficult to hack into an internet system without using a VPN.

    The hackers are using the Tor network, which is a virtual private network that lets users hide their real IP addresses.

    The way that Tor works is that, as you are connected to the network, your browser connects to it.

    You can then send packets over the network that have no connection with the actual IP address, but are sent from the outside.

    That way, when you connect to a server that has the same IP address as your computer, it knows you’re connected.

    The Tor network is a perfect way to protect your computer from cyberattack.

    And if you’re on the Tor system, you’re almost completely anonymous.

    It’s hard for the government to see what’s going on in your computer.

    But if you do use Tor, the government knows exactly who you are, and that means that the government can’t see what you’re doing on the internet.

    This is why you need a VPN to be able to connect to the internet and use Tor.

    The ACAR group claims that they’ve been able successfully to infiltrate at least 15 government websites in the past three months.

    That means that it is possible for them to access the servers of at least five federal government websites, according to a statement published by The Intercept on Sunday.

    The group has been known to have been active in the anti-secrecy group Anonymous.

    In January, the group released a document called the “Tor Bundle” that outlined a number of vulnerabilities in Tor and a number to the Tor Project, a nonprofit organization that is responsible for the project.

    The documents are highly classified, and it is difficult to verify them.

    But the Intercept said that the hackers claim to have breached Tor at least one server and compromised the servers on three other government websites.

    A few days later, in a second document posted by The Guardian, the ACAR hackers posted a video showing how they were able to access at least two government websites through Tor.

    If the claims of the group are true, it would mean that the group has already compromised at least three websites.

    In addition to breaching the websites of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau and the United States Treasury Department, the hackers said that they also breached the website of the United Nations, and a government website belonging to the United Kingdom.

    The government sites are likely the same ones that the US government uses to distribute and distribute classified information, and the US is not known to be particularly secure.

    The Anonymous Cyber-Army said in a statement that they “are not the first hackers to hack the internet,” and that they are not the only ones who have attempted it.

    The groups said that their goal is to “defeat the United State and the international banking and financial institutions that are attempting to manipulate the global economy.”

    They said they intend to continue to attack the US “until our demands are met.”

    What makes this hack even more interesting is that the ACar group has not released any evidence that it has access to any of the stolen data, including bank records.

    The hacker who posted the video on Sunday, however the group said that it did not provide any evidence to back up the claim that it had access to the bank records, according the Associated Press.

    This makes the hack even less likely to happen because the US has a history of stealing bank data and storing it on government servers.

    The US has been caught storing credit card numbers and other personal information from banks and other companies for years.

    In 2012, a hacker who claimed to be Anonymous stole millions of credit card details from the Federal Reserve.

    And in 2015, a group called Guardians of Peace, which was linked to Anonymous, hacked into the personal information of the Office of Personnel Management and released it online, with the intent of stealing data from the agency.

    This group has a long history of hacking into US government servers and releasing data that is not encrypted.

    The hack into the


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