By GREG MANDEL/AP NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the installation of security cameras at all 32 NFL stadiums on Thursday, with some teams also deploying cameras in the stands.

    The cameras, which cost $50,000 apiece, will be installed in each stadium by Aug. 15, with each team using a similar technology that works in concert with a variety of security systems.

    Goodell said he was “not aware” of any incidents in which players have been assaulted or assaulted others during the games.

    In addition, NFL players are required to wear helmets with full face shields, which will be removed from the helmets of players who are not on the field at the time of the game.

    Goodell also announced a plan to install more security cameras throughout the league, which was set to begin in October.

    The new cameras, to be installed by 2020, will allow teams to have footage from a variety, if not all, of the stadium security systems installed by their teams.

    The NFL has been working on security cameras for the last three years, and Goodell said the league has had “the most secure facility in the NFL.”

    He also said that the league would not be releasing any information on the cost of the cameras, other than to say that they will be used to make sure players are safe.

    The league is currently spending $5 billion on security at games, with an additional $1 billion earmarked for a security camera network that is expected to be up and running in 2019.

    Goodell called the security cameras a key part of the league’s efforts to “keep fans safe.”

    “The league is committed to making sure that all of our fans have the security they deserve and we have an understanding that the security we have is something that is shared across all of the clubs,” Goodell said.


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