I was shocked to see my broadband service at Cox was down, despite it being only about 10 minutes away from my home. 

    The problem was with the network I use for my work. 

    Cox says the problem is with a temporary issue, which is not the issue at all. 

    My internet service provider is only down for about 10-15 minutes at most, and then it resets itself. 

    I had to contact my service provider and ask them to take the issue off their network, which would have been a simple process. 

    I had to make a call to Cox to see what their plans were, and I was told that they did not have plans for me to cancel my service. 

    There was also no way to turn off my internet at my house, even though I asked them for a list of where to find it. 

    When I contacted Cox to ask why they did this, they simply told me, “It’s Cox.”

    I called Cox on Monday to ask what happened to my internet service, and they said, “We don’t know, but it’s Cox. 

    You can call Cox.” 

    I asked why I had been told that Cox was not responsible for the problem, and was told, “Well, you have to check with your local Cox customer service center. 

    They are the ones who should know. 

    Just call the phone number in your bill, and you’ll get an answer.” 

    “Cox is responsible for all internet service providers in the area,” Cox spokesperson Jessica K. Strain told me.

    “Cox can not help with problems outside of the Cox area, but we are in contact with our local Cox service providers to ensure that our service is operating at full capacity.”

    “Coke is aware of the issue and is working with Cox to resolve it,” Cox said in a statement emailed to me by Strain. 

    Cox says that it is not responsible, and that Cox is the one who has to contact their service provider to get an estimate of how much it would cost to replace my service, so I will have to wait until I find out. 

    The fact that Cox told me that it was Cox and not Cox who had to take my service off their service does not help me. 

    “I can’t even tell you how disappointed I am about this,” I said to Strain, after being informed that Cox could not help fix the problem on their own. 

    While it is possible that Cox does not have the ability to fix the issue on its own, Cox is not giving me any reason why it could not. 

    Forcing Cox to take it off their networks has not helped. 

    After my first attempt at calling Cox to have Cox fix my internet, Cox sent me a new bill and told me to contact Cox to schedule a replacement service. 

      I was not given any further information about Cox’s plans for my internet and asked why Cox did not tell me that. 

    My bill was for $25.00, but Cox says it would only cost me $20.00 to replace it.

    It’s still not clear how Cox’s plan for replacing my service would work.

    I tried to call Cox to get their plans for replacing their service, but did not receive a call back. 

    Thing is, I’ve tried to do that.

    I called the number in my bill, but they were only trying to take down my service after Cox told them that they would be replacing it, not me.

    “There’s no way I’m going to cancel Cox, and there’s no reason that I should have to cancel their internet service,” I told Strain about my experience. 

    She told me Cox was going to refund me $10.00 from my bill and offer me a $30.00 credit. 

    That was all I got.

    I contacted Cox and was assured by Stress that Cox had already given me a refund, but I never received one. 

    And while Cox is a great company that does a lot of good for its customers, their customer service sucks.

    After months of not getting a response from Cox, I contacted my state’s consumer protection agency to see if Cox was offering a refund.

    They told me the problem was Cox’s fault and would be fixed within a week. 

    Now I am stuck paying another $10 for a service that Cox has not promised me.

    I will keep fighting to get Cox to fix my problem.


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