Facebook is adding more than 500 million “like” buttons to its mobile app, a new development that could boost its efforts to reach more people in the US.

    Facebook’s announcement comes as the social network is working on new features to improve the accuracy of its trending data, a key piece of its platform.

    “Like” buttons are one of the first features Facebook will launch this week.

    Like buttons can be used to let people know they are “like”, rather than just a thumbs up or thumbs down, and will help users find and like the posts of others.

    The company said that the feature will be “available to users on iOS and Android as well as the web and social media sites”, and that the new feature will arrive on the app for both platforms later this year.

    It is not clear when exactly the feature is expected to arrive, but it comes after Facebook’s announcement earlier this month that it had acquired rival WhatsApp.

    The announcement comes just days after Facebook announced that it has reached the 1 billion users mark, marking the company’s first milestone since the company acquired WhatsApp in 2016.

    The social network has been working on a series of improvements to its platform since acquiring the messaging app in 2016, and has been expanding its data collection capabilities to include demographics, geographical locations and more.

    The latest news comes as Facebook continues to work on its first feature that will allow people to share and share quickly with friends and family on Facebook.

    According to an interview with Business Insider, Facebook plans to begin using the feature by early 2020, with the feature “coming to everyone at the same time”.

    While the feature may not be widely adopted by users yet, Facebook’s move is a significant boost to its efforts in helping to bring more people online.

    While the company has only about 1 billion daily active users in the United States, its social network, Facebook, is growing rapidly.

    Facebook plans to spend about $1 billion to expand its reach in the next 12 months, with plans to reach 100 million people worldwide by 2020.

    The company has also said that it plans to increase its presence in India and China, which have been among the fastest-growing markets for the social networking giant.


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