A Verizon customer service representative said Tuesday that a Verizon outage affecting thousands of customers was caused by a computer glitch, but the company was trying to get people connected again.

    Verizon said Tuesday morning that the outage affected roughly 3,000 customers.

    Verizon says customers who had been affected by the outage could use online or phone service.

    A spokeswoman for the FCC told The Huffington Sun that the issue was the company’s “internal IT issue” and was not impacting the public.

    The spokeswoman declined to comment further on why the outage was not affecting the public, including the timing of when the outage occurred.

    The FCC’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) is investigating Verizon’s computer outage.

    The Office of Personnel Management said it was working with Verizon to find out why customers were unable to access their information or make appointments.

    A Verizon spokesman said that the company is trying to connect the affected customers to their old information systems.

    The outage occurred after a Verizon customer called Verizon customer support on Monday and said she had problems connecting to the company online, the spokeswoman said.

    Verizon’s outage started Monday at around 10:30 a.m. local time.


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