On October 17, Verizon will begin a trial of its Spectrum Internet service for its customers in the New York City metro area, where Verizon is the largest wireless carrier.

    The trial will begin on October 23, 2017 and will last for three months.

    In addition to Verizon’s own online service, customers will also be able to purchase and use a variety of Spectrum-based services from Verizon Wireless, including Verizon Internet (Verizon) and Verizon HomeInternet (Verizomobile).

    Verizon’s online service will cost $50 a month per line and will be available in the metro area and outside the metro areas.

    It will be able deliver high-speed Internet service from Verizon’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, to customers outside the New Yorkers metro area.

    Verizon’s HomeInternet service will be free.

    Verizon Wireless is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications Inc. and has about 695,000 customers in 100 million locations nationwide.

    It has also invested heavily in the acquisition of the wireless company T-Mobile US.

    The Spectrum Internet trial, however, is different than other Spectrum services.

    In its statement, Verizon said it will be offering an online service for subscribers in New York that will be “available in the metropolitan area, outside the metropolitan areas, and for customers outside of the metropolitan markets.”

    In addition to the Spectrum Internet, Verizon is also launching a $20 per month service that offers unlimited Internet service in select markets, including New York and Boston, while offering the same level of speeds on the Verizon home internet service.

    Verzomobile is also offering the Spectrum service, though it is being launched with the New Orleans metro area only.

    The pricing is a significant drop compared to what consumers are currently paying for the Verizon Internet service.

    Verizon previously offered its own online services for $40 a month for its subscribers in the Atlanta metro area but discontinued the service after the FCC ruled that the company did not have the legal authority to provide its own internet service to its subscribers.

    In October 2017, the FCC’s Open Internet Order prohibited Verizon from charging its own customers a fixed fee to access the internet.

    The company has also attempted to block certain sites and apps from accessing the internet in order to prevent the internet providers from charging content providers for access to the internet, such as websites and apps that allow consumers to buy or rent content.

    Verizons Internet service is available in all of the cities where Verizon has a presence, including Manhattan, New Orleans, Charlotte, Boston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Chicago.

    Verisomobile customers can choose from two internet service tiers, the basic and unlimited, which are offered at a cost of $30 a month.

    For customers who want more data, they can pay an additional $10 per month for the unlimited tier, which allows customers to stream unlimited data for $50.

    Verity’s internet service offers speeds of up to 2Gbps, although the company does not specify how much data is available per month.

    Verizon said the internet speeds are comparable to speeds on Verizon’s mobile service, Verizon Homeinternet.


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