The UK has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the developed world.

    With so much of the UK’s population living in rural areas, it is important to ensure that broadband services are available for all.

    But the country is facing a growing demand for high-speed internet, and this is driving up the price of services.

    A recent report from the Broadband Industry Association (BIA) shows that in 2015-16, average UK broadband plans cost £1,000, while in Germany it is a whopping £1.5m.

    The price of broadband has risen by a whopping 33 per cent in the past five years, according to a BIA study.

    This means that UK broadband providers are struggling to keep up with growing demand.

    But the average household is paying £1m more for their broadband service than they did five years ago.

    While it is not unusual for UK broadband services to be priced out of reach for the average consumer, the recent figures highlight just how expensive it is to access the internet.

    The BIA said that the average UK household now spends £1bn on broadband each year, compared to £1tn in 2011.

    It says that the increase in cost is driven by three main factors:The number of households subscribing to broadband plans in the UK has increased by an average of 15 per cent each year since 2012, while the number of people accessing high-bandwidth internet has also risen.

    The report also found that the price gap between broadband plans and fixed broadband providers is widening.

    The average broadband plan now costs £2,000 more than it did five and a half years ago, while a fixed broadband provider can charge customers up to £4,000 extra for their own plans.

    The main reasons for this price increase are rising demand from new internet users and an ageing population.

    According to the BIA, the cost of a broadband service in the US is now equivalent to £20bn.

    In Europe, it’s estimated that broadband is costing the average person £40 per month.

    This is despite an estimated 15 per-cent rise in internet usage in Europe in recent years.

    A BIA spokesperson said that there is a “broad consensus” that there needs to be a greater level of competition between providers, and said that they would be seeking to improve the “marketplace of value”.

    The organisation also said that broadband providers should be able to offer customers a “choice” of broadband plans.

    In the UK, there are over 100,000 providers and over 600,000 internet service providers, but this is just a small proportion of the total number of internet users in the country.

    The UK’s average internet provider, BT, offers the cheapest plans in Europe, with an average plan costing £4.90 per month, while Virgin Media offers the most expensive plans, with a total monthly price of £15,500.

    However, BT’s price is not enough to cover the cost for all customers, while other internet providers such as TalkTalk and Sky are offering plans at even higher prices.

    The number one reason for this is that the costs of broadband are being passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices and more bills.BT, for example, charges an extra £2.50 per month for its broadband plan in the same area as the cheapest other broadband provider.

    This can add up quickly, and in 2016-17, over half of BT customers paid more than £20 for their internet services.

    For those customers who are unable to pay the extra £15 per month (which is likely to be more than the average monthly cost of the internet plan), their broadband provider may charge a further charge.

    A spokesperson for TalkTalk said that its internet service is “committed to delivering the best possible service to our customers and we do not seek to make the internet less affordable”.

    TalkTalk said in a statement:We’re committed to delivering a fast, reliable, affordable and flexible internet service that delivers all of our customers’ needs.

    The pricing of the BT Internet Plus broadband plan is the same as that of the cheapest competing broadband plans available in the market.

    We look forward to working with the Government and the industry to ensure the best price for all broadband customers.

    In 2016-18, over a third of the British population had access to internet services, according the BIS.

    The most affordable plans offer an average price of just over £2 per month while the cheapest internet providers charge customers between £1 and £4 per month to access their own service.

    The Broadband Association says that it will be looking to raise the price on its network and to help consumers make more informed decisions about their internet usage.

    “This is an important time for consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom as the number one issue facing the UK is rising internet prices,” the organisation said in its statement.

    “The industry has responded to this challenge by creating a number of new, competitive services that have the potential to bring down the cost and improve quality


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