The American Conservatives have issued a call to action for ISPs to change their behavior regarding cookies and Internet explorer, the company’s popular browser that is used by millions of web users.

    We’ve got a simple solution: Remove them from the web.

    “Comcast has been a leading provider of Internet service for over a decade, yet Internet Explorer continues to be used by more than 1 billion users,” the group said in a statement.

    “Comcast and its allies are exploiting this vulnerability to make money from your personal data and sell you their wares.”

    Internet Explorer is used in many consumer and enterprise web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Essentials.

    According to Google, the browser’s popularity is due in large part to its robust plug-and-play capabilities.

    While there are plenty of other popular browsers that can be used on the web, including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, there is no official Google Chrome extension that allows users to opt out of cookies.

    That means, unlike most other browsers, IE users don’t get the convenience of opting-out of cookies and the ability to manage the browser history.

    While Google has stated that Chrome and Internet browser extensions can be disabled in the Chrome Web Store, some sites have decided to disable those features.

    Google also removed a plug-in that was bundled with Internet Explorer that lets users disable cookies and block advertisements from other websites.

    In its statement, the American Conservatives argued that the companies are allowing users to circumvent browser privacy protections by “adopting cookie-based privacy practices that bypass browser restrictions on user data.”

    They further claimed that the cookie policies that allow for this feature “are designed to serve as a way for the browser to identify and store data on user activity without the user’s consent.”

    In its call to ISPs to remove these practices, the organization also urged them to “stop using the terms ‘cookies’ and ‘browser privacy’ to describe cookies and privacy on your behalf.”

    It’s unclear how many ISPs have implemented these cookie-related policies.

    Comcast’s recent move to make its cookie policies opt-in and opt-out has been met with mixed reactions.

    Some users have complained that the policy was confusing and had been replaced by a generic cookie-policy that allows people to opt-off.

    Comcast also updated its privacy policy last week, removing the use of the terms “cookies” and “browser privacy” from its website.


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