Mediacomm is reporting that it has shut down all the internet in several states in New Jersey, New York and Chicago, and that it is working to restore internet service in Philadelphia and New York.

    It also says that in New England and Virginia, it is currently working with Verizon to restore service.

    It is unclear what caused the outage, although the network is reportedly under a cyber-attack, and MediacOM said it was working to resolve the issue.

    Mediacoma has said that the network outage is unrelated to the cyber-attacks. 

    The outage is likely related to a malicious intrusion into Mediacomed’s network, Mediacomo’s Chief Information Officer, Alex Fuchs, told Ars.

    The breach is thought to have occurred on October 13, and the company is now working with federal and state officials to get to the bottom of the matter.

    Medica says that its network is secure.

    Medias network is currently under a malicious attack that is unrelated, but Mediacomes investigation continues, Media said in a statement.

    Media is currently investigating the cyber incident and is in contact with law enforcement and state and federal agencies, it said.


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