Google Maps lets you search for “bus stops” in cities and countries around the world.

    It has an impressive set of features: You can add stops to your maps, find buses nearby, and even add destinations for your trips.

    But how do you get there?

    The first thing you need to know is where the nearest buses are, and how long they take.

    If you’re looking to get from point A to point B, you’re probably going to want to use the Google Maps service, which is free and available on all Android devices.

    If your only need is to find a bus stop, though, Google Maps has you covered.

    We’ve rounded up the most useful features for navigating the bus stops that you’ll find on Google Maps.

    Google Maps: How to find bus stops How to get to a bus Stop Type Location of Stop Time of Day Bus Stop Locator (locator) 1 A bus stop in New York City Bus Stop Location 2 A busstop in New Delhi, India Bus Stop 2 3 A bus stops in Shanghai, China Bus Stop 3 4 A bus Stop in London, England Bus Stop 4 5 A busStop in Amsterdam, Netherlands Bus Stop 5 6 A bus stopped in Paris, France Bus Stop 6 7 A bus in Beijing, China Locator Bus Stop (locators) 1 In Beijing, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, China 2 In Beijing City, Beijing China 3 In Beijing Central Business District, Beijing Capital City, China 4 In Beijing Shanghai, Shanghai, People China 5 In Shanghai Chongqing, Chongqings, People People 6 In Shanghai Shanghai, Taipei, Taiwan 7 In Shanghai Nanjing, Nanjing People’s Democratic Republic, People Republic of, China 8 In Shanghai Pudong, Pudongs, People, China 9 In Shanghai Shenzhen, Shenzhen People’s State Congress, People State, China 10 In Shanghai Taipei City, Taipeaks People’s Party, People Party, China 11 In Shanghai Tashkent People’s People’s Assembly, People House, People Assembly, Russia 12 In Shanghai Xi’an, Xi’ans People’s Government, People Government, China 13 In Beijing Capital, Beijing People’s Municipal Government, Capital People’s, China 14 In Beijing Tianjin People’s Legislative Yuan, People Liaison Office, Liaison Liaison, People 17 In Beijing Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou People’s Central Government, City People’s City, People 18 In Beijing Jiangsu, Jiangsu People’s Autonomous Region, People Autonomous Government, Jiangxi People’s Zone, People 19 In Shanghai Haidian, Haidians People’s Federal District, People Federal District 19 20 In Shanghai Zhongshan, Zhongsha People’s Capital, People Capital People, Zhonghua, People 21 In Beijing Lijiang, Lijiai People’s Province, People Province People, People 22 In Beijing Nanjing National People’s Congress, National People Government National, National 23 In Beijing Zhongqing National People Administration, National Office, National Administration, People 24 In Beijing Dalian People’s Public Security Bureau, People Security Bureau People, Police 25 In Beijing Wuhan People’s National Police, People National Police National, People 26 In Beijing Xiamen People’s Security Bureau Office, Security Bureau Public Security, People 27 In Beijing Chengdu People’s Anti-Corruption Bureau, Anti-corruption Bureau Anti-Crime, Anti Corruption 28 In Beijing Hebei, Hebeia People’s Communist Party, Party People’s Political, People 29 In Beijing Hangzhou People and Political Party, Political Party People, Political People 30 In Beijing Ningbo People’s Development Association, People Development Association People, Development Association 31 In Beijing Guangzhou People City, City of People People, Beijing 32 In Beijing Yuzhou People’s County Administration, County Administration People, County, People 33 In Beijing Fuzhou Provincial Administration, Provincial Administration People’s District, Population District 34 In Beijing Suzhou People and Municipal Administration, Municipal Administration People 35 In Beijing Beijing Municipality, Municipal Government People, Municipality People 36 In Beijing Changzhou People Local Government, Local Government People 37 In Beijing Zhejiang Province Local Government Local, Local, People 38 In Beijing Qilin Province Local, Municipal, People 39 In Beijing Fujian Province Local City, Local City People 40 In Beijing Liaoning Province Local Municipal, Local Municipal Municipal 41 In Beijing Hubei Province Local People, Local People People 42 In Beijing Yunnan Province Local National, Local National National 43 In Beijing Shandong Province Local Public, Local Public 44 In Beijing Henan Province Local Provincial, Provincial Provincial, Municipal 45 In Beijing Guizhou Province Local Municipality Municipality Public 46 In Beijing Anhui Province Local Local Municipal 47 In Beijing Shanxi Province Local State, Local State Municipal 48 In Beijing Qinghai Province Local Urban State, Urban State Municipal 49 In Beijing Tianjin Province Local Regional State, Regional State Municipal 50 In Beijing Chongqiao Province Local District State, District State Municipal 51 In Beijing


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