A new report from research firm Ovum found that the top ten cheapest internet services offered by US ISPs tend to come at a price that’s significantly lower than those offered by the top five.

    The report is based on a comparison of a list of more than 200 internet providers and their combined net revenue.

    Ovum estimates that the average cost of internet access in the US in 2018 was $39.76 per month, but the average monthly cost of services offered to customers by these ISPs was $74.18, according to the study.

    Ovum calculated the monthly cost for each of the top 10 providers based on the number of active subscribers and total revenue.

    The top 10 ISPs in the top-10 rankings had average revenue of $72.28 per month.

    That figure includes the cost of a phone line, a data connection and internet speed.

    The top five ISPs in terms of total revenue were AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Charter and Time Warner Cable.

    They had average monthly revenues of $75.60, and $71.06 for their top tier, the $100 tier.

    The average monthly fee for each is $2.69 per month for both the top tier and the $200 tier.

    Oovum also found that while AT&, Verizon and Charter were ranked as the highest-priced providers, they were still in the $35,000 to $50,000 range, so the cost per month is lower than for other top tier providers.

    In terms of overall cost per user, Verizon was the least expensive at $9.39 per month and Charter was the most expensive at over $60 per month per user.

    The list of the ten least expensive internet services also includes a few options that are often popular, like unlimited data plans, data caps and bundled cable service.

    Ovemo also calculated the cost for the top 20 broadband providers based upon the total number of subscribers.

    The 20 companies are: CenturyLink, Comcast (the largest ISP in the country), AT&t, CenturyLink Communications, Centurylink Communications (AT&T), Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Time Warner, Verizon Communications and Xfinity.

    Ovium says that the list of companies offering the lowest prices is a combination of what customers have been willing to pay and what’s currently available.

    It’s a bit more complex than just comparing the cheapest prices, however, because there are a lot of different services that are available.

    Ovens.com found that AT&Ts, CenturyTel, TimeWarner and Cox had the highest prices, with the median monthly bill at $8.96 per month; the average for those services was $9 per month more than for the bottom 10.

    That said, the average number of connections per household was less than for any of the providers on the list.

    Ovoums analysis is only for the US.

    However, the report shows that most US ISPs offer a wide range of internet services.

    The chart below shows the top 100 ISPs in Europe and Asia, which includes most of the largest internet services in North America.

    Oviums data also showed that the cheapest broadband plans for US customers were offered by AT&Tel and Comcast, as well as a number of smaller providers like Vodafone, Orange and Virgin Mobile.

    Ovid, the company that provides the data, has been able to track data usage since 2013.

    The company also offers a list with data usage data for the United Kingdom and Ireland, which is a nice comparison of prices.

    However if you don’t want to go to Ovid and get your own data usage, you can find it here .


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